The junior league will have two sections U12& U14

The team will consist of 4 players male or female or mixed

A singles (player ranked A,B,C,D) and a doubles match will be played

Singles AA,BB,CC,DD and doubles matches will be one 9 game set (all games played) – tie breaker at 4 all.

The doubles couple will be A+B, C+D from each team playing against each other

Scoring 2 points per set won. A fixture draw will be resolved by the winner of the A+B doubles couple

Bonus 2 points per fixture win. Total 14 points per fixture including bonus

The fixture will take place on a Saturday from 8.30 to 11.30am

Two courts will be allocated to each fixture

Players will be members of a club affiliated to WPT

The season will be in two parts Sep-Nov and Feb-Mar the following year

Player age groups will be max 12yrs and max 14yrs on the 1st January 2020of the season.

Balls: U12 Green dot, U14 Standard. No brand specified.

Each team provides 3 balls.  Each match is played with 3 balls.

League sections will consist of north and south groups and u12 and u14 ages

The event will end early March and a celebratory function will be held shortly after.

We are considering grouping say 3 or 4 teams at a venue (takes up 4-8 courts) and have mini round-robin for each venue.

The winning teams will progress to meet up with other winners and likewise the RUP teams in the next round. This should be complete in 4 weeks

This will give free time to some Saturdays.

Expected play time is 8.30am – 11.30am

The format will be scheduled once we have all the entries

WPT will organize the following -

Circulate a notice/entry form to all WPT affiliated clubs

Compile sufficient leagues to accommodate all entries

Schedule the matches and venues

Record the results of each match and fixture and publish the logsrefunds@pathcare.co.za

The player names will be recorded and the ORACLE rating calculated

Relevant rules will be same as WPT senior leagues.

The cost will be R100 for each team paid by the club with the returned entry form

Note that juniors u18 do not attract registration fees to WPT, but they must be registered.

Home team players will provide tea/cooldrinks/eats